Terms and Conditions

Scottish Tourist Guides Association


Scottish Tourist Guides Association is registered in Scotland as a company limited by guarantee. Company number: SC167477.

Registered office address:

Office 9, STEP Commercial Centre
Stirling Enterprise Park

STGA business days are Monday – Friday, 09:00-17:00.

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Terms and Conditions

The contract is between you the Client, and the Guide. All guiding fees and conditions should be agreed between yourselves and your guide prior to the commencement of the tour.

For Driver Guided tours, the STGA Driver Guiding Passenger Policy applies

STGA Tourist Guiding Fees

All our guides are self-employed, thus they set their own fees for the services they provide. 

As a result, guide fees may vary. 

Some languages are in high demand, thus prices may reflect this.

Only once you have contacted ‘your’ guide and details such as the itinerary are agreed upon, can the exact fee be confirmed. 

Guiding fees are commonly required to be paid in advance of your tour. 

All quotes and transactions in £ GBP.

Entrances to paid venues and attractions are not included in fees. 

Suggested fees do not include overnight accommodation or meals for guides. 

For walking tours of over 25 pax, additional guides may be required. 

To maintain group safety and quality of our tours at all times on walking tours, we reccommend that the group size is limited to a maximum of 25 visitors per guide. 



The STGA strongly recommends that passengers arrange suitable travel, medical, and cancellation insurance. 

Payments by STGA Members to STGA

Payments made by members of the STGA for items or services that are not guide services are exempt from all Terms and Conditions stated above on this page. 

Examples of payments that are exempt include payments for subscription fees, member supplies and course fees. 

Coat of Arms

The Scottish Tourist Guides Association Coat of Arms is a registered coat of arms, protected by the Court of the Lord Lyon. The Coat of Arms may not be reproduced in any way without prior expressed consent of the STGA Head Office. 

Learn more about our Coat of Arms. 

Under no circumstance may STGA Guide Badges (Blue Badge, Green Badge, and Yellow Badge) be worn by any individuals who are not current practicing members of the STGA. 

STGA Coat of Arms