Driver Guiding Passenger Compliance Policy

This policy exists solely for the purpose of ensuring that all Driver Guided tours conducted by STGA members are done so in full compliance of UK law in regards to seat belts and any other appropriate safety restraints. 

1. STGA Seat Belt Policy

Seat belts must be worn during all driving segments  of a driver guided tour by all passengers in the vehicle. Where a child is required by law to use a child car seat, the STGA Child Car Seat Policy in Section 2 will apply.

2. Child Car Seat Policy

  1. Children must use a child car seat until they are either: 12 years old, or 135cm (4ft 5/32in) tall, whichever comes first. They cannot just use a seatbelt, or be held by another passenger. Children who are required to use child car seats must use the appropriate restraints for the entire duration of driven segments of the tour. 
  2. If any members of your party require a child car seat in accordance to rules stated in point 2.1, this must be declared to the STGA guide at time of booking. 
  3. If STGA members are providing child car seats for your tours, these seats will meet UK law requirements. STGA guides may provide a child car seat for you based on the information you provide us about the children who require them – it is up to you to make sure this information is correct. STGA will not be held responsible for any issues that arise from incorrect information provided by you regarding the children who required car seats. 
Should any passengers fail to comply with any points of 1.STGA Seat Belt Policy or 2. STGA Child Car Seat Policy, this will result in the Driver Guide refusing to continue the tour until all passengers are appropriate restraints. STGA will not be held responsible for any time lost, and no refunds or compensation of any kind will be given for any disruptions to a tour due to a passenger’s failure to adhere to any of these policies. 


STGA Driver Guiding Passenger Compliance Policy and UK Law

This policy adheres to UK law, as detailed here:
For full details of the law we advise you to visit this weblink.


Different rules apply to passengers travelling in coaches or minibuses.
For full details of these exceptions please visit:


Unexpected Journeys

If the correct child seat isn’t available, a child aged 3 or older can use an adult seat belt if the journey is all of the following:

  • unexpected
  • necessary
  • over a short distance

You can’t take children under 3 on an unexpected journey in a vehicle without the correct child car seat, unless both of the following apply:

  • it’s a licensed taxi or minicab
  • the child travels on a rear seat without a seat belt