Guide Courses

Are you a great communicator? Passionate about Scotland? Love travelling? Thirsty to learn more? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then becoming an STGA tourist guide could be the career for you. 

First you’ll require the right training and qualifications in order to become a fully qualified guide and a member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association. 

Types of Tourist Guide Training Courses

Blue Badge Course

STGA Tourist Guide Blue Badge
  • 18 month course
  • Trains and accredits guides to guide anywhere in Scotland 
  • Classes held in the field and online 

Green Badge Course

  • Trains and accredits guides to guide in specific region of Scotland
  • Regions include Orkney, Shetland and North-East Scotland 
  • Courses run regularly 

Yellow Badge Course

stga yellow badge course
  • Trains and qualifies guides to guide on specific routes or venues 
  • Bespoke guide training for our venue, route, or business

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