Tours turn to Trees

STGA member gifts every booking made directly with them by donating to have a tree planted for them in Scotland.

One of our members, Andrea Middleton, has introduced a wonderful element to her tours. Instead of giving clients a gift for booking directly with her, she will donate that gift money towards having a native tree planted in the Highlands. By doing this tours turn in to trees.

Scotland is a country of such great natural beauty that it is difficult to not be concerned about our environment, and the human impact on that environment. Increasing numbers of visitors flocking to see Scotland, tourists and people who work in tourism, have a responsibility to try to lessen the impact they make. By planting trees for them it is not only a step closer to becoming more carbon neutral, but it will make visitors feel they are making a contribution to lessening their impact on the environment.

Through Trees for Life  she bought a Grove. All new direct bookings with Mini Kilt Tours, (her business name), will have a tree to donated to her grove.

Trees for Life aim is to: promote natural regeneration of our natural forest, plant native trees and remove non-native species. All with the aim to expand and link our ancient pinewoods.

There are 2 ways you can help:

  1. Book a tour directly with Andrea Middleton, Mini Kilt Tours, or
  2. Donate to her grove HERE


Scottish Tourist Guides Association applauds what one of our members is doing to help the environment.

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