Tour and Discover LGBTQ+ Scotland

Tour and Discover LGBTQ+ Scotland Celebrating Scotland’s diverse history is what we Scottish Tourist Guides do best! And with the aim of not confining certain groups’ stories to particular days or months of the year, here is a glimpse into … Continued


Jacobitism was a largely 17th- and 18th-century movement that supported the restoration of the House of Stuart to the British throne. The name Jacobite is derived from Jacobus, the Latin version of James. When James II and VII was forced … Continued

Top 10 Scottish castles to visit

Scotland is famous for its many castles, ranging from the palatial and stately – some still inhabited by their owners – to remote, romantic ruins by the sea. Blue Badge Guide David Tucker selects ten Scottish castles open to visitors. Each carries … Continued

Scotland`s Coastline Distilleries

Scotland`s Coastline Distilleries The coastline of Scotland is twice that of England, measuring 16,500 km of rugged, spectacular scenery and home to 40 out of Scotland`s 125 working single malt distilleries. The west of Scotland is peppered with a variety … Continued

Angling in Scotland

Angling in Scotland Year of Coasts and Water, 2020 Scotland, a country blessed with rivers with crystal clear waters, remote and beautiful highland lochs and surrounded by miles upon miles of dramatic coastline and pristine sandy beaches. Scotland, a land … Continued