Scotland's Year of Stories 2022

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January is a rich month for events in Scotland’s history and members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association can now tell you some of the amazing stories behind them.

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The Birth of St Mungo

On the feast day of St Mungo, Patron Saint of Glasgow, join Blue Badge guide William Kinnaird as he recounts the remarkable circumstances of Mungo’s birth. 

The Birth of Eric Liddell

In his relatively short life Eric Liddell, who was born in January 1902, was known both as an unpatriotic sportsman and an Olympic hero.

Blue Badge tourist guide Mary Birch tells his story in this first of two videos and how he triumphed over adversity in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

Up Helly Aa

Jolene Garriock at Island Vista gets the chance to talk to Lyall Gair, an ex-Jarl and Green Badge Tourist Guide for Shetland, to hear what Up Helly Aa was like for him over the years.

Robert Burns

This month millions of people around the world will be celebrating the birth of the poet and song writer Robert Burns on January 25 and Blue Badge Guide Jim Leslie tells his story in a special video. 

John Logie Baird

On January 26, 1926, Scots born John Logie Baird demonstrated television for the first time in London and Stewart Noble reveals how that came about.

Burke Hare and Knox - Murder Behind Closed Doors

On January 28, 1829, the notorious murderer William Burke was hanged in front of as many as 25,000 people in Edinburgh’s Lawnmarket. His fellow murderer William Hare had given evidence against him on condition of not being charged and was freed. Blue Badge guide Alasdair Northrop tells the story of Burke and Hare and how they killed at least 16 people and sold their bodies to the anatomist Robert Knox.

Up Helly Aa

January is also when the famous Up Helly Aa event takes place on Shetland and Green Badge guide Robyn Johnson has written a story about the Vikings and the Far North.

Up Helly Aa

The origins of Up Helly Aa and the festival today.

Live Virtual Tours

Every Monday Blue Badge guides Joe Harrower and Mike Turpie are out telling stories on a live Facebook broadcast. To find out more visit their Facebook Page below, Piping Scot Tours.

Scottish Blethers Podcast

Blue Badge Guides Helen Houston, Liz Lister and Susan Brown also tell stories in their weekly Scottish Blethers podcast which can be found on all major podcast platforms:

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