G:2014 : Glasgow Guides already on the starting blocks! Part 1 of 2

Over the last year STGA Glasgow Branch trainers have presented three Legacy awarded training course to accredited fellow members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association to deliver the G:2014 Sporting Heritage Tours. Pre, during and post the 2104 Games, the accredited guides aim to give the performance of their lives as they enthuse about the great sporting heritage of Glasgow and the great successes we expect to achieve in 2014.

For International Guiding Day six of the STGA Glasgow branch accredited G:2014 Sporting Heritage Guides gave their time to introduce City of Glasgow College students to their great sporting heritage and the future buildings which will witness so many sporting magic moments in 2014.

The clear blue sky of a refreshing spring day gave everyone a great lift as the tour included the wonderful new velodrome and sporting arena which have been built for the games. Many well established landmarks such as Rangers football stadium, Celtic football stadium and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) are included in the tour because they will each play an important part in the games. Rangers Stadium will be the home of the hotly contested Rugby 7’s tournament while the opening ceremony will take place in Celtic Stadium. The SECC will be the media hub as well as hosting several sporting contests. Fourteen venues will be used in three hubs around the city supported by 15,000 volunteers and many more Commonwealth Games staff. Excitement is building around Glasgow for the games with over 50,000 people who have already registered to volunteer so it was not surprising that the guides and students enjoyed the tour experience.

The first International Tourist Guide Day was held on 21st February in 1990 with fifteen countries taking part. Since then the World Federation of Tourist Guides has coordinated events to celebrate and highlight the tour guiding profession. Many more countries have joined in each year by organising events for their community, business and industry partners.

The activities have engaged students and other professionals in learning about the quality and value of the work of professional guides. STGA has been a long standing contributor to such events and the Glasgow branch has been a strong member of the celebrations worldwide.

In 2009 Glasgow STGA guides toured Glasgow with university students and they had some ghostly historical characters who joined them along the route. Personalities like the flamboyant William Cunningham (a blue badge guide in disguise!) who regaled the students with a description of Glasgow in the 17th century with the tobacco filled coffee houses, and stories of trading with an ever-expanding empire.

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