William Wallace Statue Edinburgh
Today William Wallace stands guard at the Edinburgh Castle entrance.


William Wallace along with Robert the Bruce, is known as Scotland’s freedom fighter.  Many think they know him because of the ‘Braveheart’ film but there is lots more to discover about our national hero.

In 13th century Scotland, Wallace rose to overthrow the mighty English army just outside Stirling where he had his finest victory – the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. It is near Stirling too that he is now remembered in the National Wallace Monument where you can take in the views of Stirling Castle and River Forth as Wallace prepared his most audacious attack?

All did not go easily for Wallace after that though, for the following year he lost a battle at Falkirk and a price was placed on his head. In hiding for years, he was eventually captured in 1305 and taken from Scotland to be hung, drawn and quartered in London for treason – a charge he robustly denied as he reminded the English that he had never sworn allegiance to an English king!

His quartered body was returned to Scotland to be displayed on city walls as a deterrent to any further ideas of rebellion. It was not to be the case because shortly thereafter, Scotland once again was to meet the English in battle…….this time led by King Robert the Bruce.