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Whisky Shelf
Whisky on sale in Tomintoul.

The Angels’ Share

Did you know, that over 22 million casks and barrels of whisky are maturing at any one time throughout Scotland?  Each and every one of them lose up to 2% each year due to evaporation – the Scots people call this the Angels’ Share. No doubt this contributes towards the relaxed atmosphere throughout our beautiful country.

Whisky is made in many countries but Scotch can ONLY be made in Scotland.    Over 1.5m people visit Scotch Whisky Distilleries every year to explore the diversity, variety and complexity of Scotland’s national drink.

Each distillery is unique, from the shape of the Stills, their geographical location, the use of peat, and the local climate ensuring everyone will find their favourite dram.

Some distillery names in Scots Gaelic are not easy to pronounce, Laphroaig (the cave by the bay), Bunnahabhain (foot of the river), Clynelish (sloped garden) but after a dram or two with the friendly locals your confidence will increase and pronunciation will become easier!

No better, no worse, no wrong, no right, it’s up to YOU to decide what you like!


Photo: ZRyzner / Shutterstock.com