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Buchanan Galleries Glasgow


In a world where souvenirs have become more and more the same wherever you go, what can you buy to take home as a Scottish souvenir?  Perhaps a Scottish Tourist Guide can point you in the right direction…..


Tartan, as everyone knows is symbolic of Scotland, but where can you buy it?  Cashmere too has made its mark throughout Scotland in recent years and it’s where Chanel staged a glittering fashion show in 2012 to mark its purchase of a textile mill in the Borders.  Harris Tweed from the outer hebrides, look out for the orb mark that guarantees authenticity.


In Scotland we make jewellery inspired by Celtic designs, by Orkney themes and by Scotland’s glorious colour pallet. We even have jewellery made from heather.  In today’s modern era, artisans are setting up everywhere and we have our fair share.


Whisky – you can’t make scotch just any-old where or any-old how.  Would you like to learn how it’s done? Prefer gin? Our distilleries are branching out.

Something sweet

Sweet concoctions:- biscuits, scones and shortbreads – jams and marmalades, some with whisky, others without.  There’s Dundee cake and Clootie dumpling, fudges and tablet and what exactly is Edinburgh Rock?  Come to that, are Jedhart Snails actually more appetising than you might think?

Savoury savoury

If your taste runs more to savoury, there are rustic oatcakes, mustards ( some with whisky), and artisan cheeses.

And of course there’s haggis in a tin!!  Perhaps a Scottish Tourist Guide can point you in the right direction for all of these and more.

And for everyday items, did you know that Glasgow is said to have some of the best shopping outside of London?  Not to mention it has some other surprising elements – maybe it’s worth a look.


Photo: Brendan Howard / Shutterstock.com