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Food & drink are changing in Scotland-for the better!

When people experience Scottish Food and Drink nowadays they experience a dimension that draws on Scotland’s longstanding culinary traditions. Nowadays, visitors come here not solely for our whisky but also specifically our food and other drinks. Scots are reconnecting increasingly with their past heritage in terms of culinary traditions as well as recognising and using healthy, quality products which have Scottish provenance and reflect the “terroir” of the different regions.

We have in Scotland a very good traditional food culture and we also have a world-class larder with venison, game, beef, fish and seafood, home baking, preserves, beers, whisky and cheeses. Throughout Scotland’s towns, cities and villages visitors can enjoy food ranging from simple soups, Scotch Broth and Cullen Skink; the ubiquitous haggis, steak pie and mash but also sophisticated, upscale restaurants offering Scottish ingredients cooked in exciting and innovative ways. There is something for all our visitors, in restaurants, pubs, cafés and specialist shops, irrespective of budget. If Scottish food is evolving and improving all the time, it is often with a nod to the past but an eye on the future with inventive cooking and food production.

Our burgeoning whisky industry continues to be a jewel in our gastronomic crown with many permutations in whisky styles, finishes and editions with several new distilleries opening too. Scottish gin, once produced in vast quantities 250 years ago, is again producing specialist/niche brands.

Scottish beer makers, too, are producing new beers which are varied, delicious and fun. Some link innovation with history; Fraoch Heather Ale is based on an ale over 2000 years old. Traquair House at Innerleithen still produces highly rated beers, some recipes dating from the 18th century.  Modern brewers and microbrewers have set new standards, and just as visitors can follow distillery trails, a new generation of visitors can follow beer trails to enjoy individually crafted beers. With the increasingly sophisticated tastes and demand for cachet in both food and drink, visitors and locals alike can enjoy brewery tours and tastings. Such events, sampling an ever changing range of micro beers, can often, like wines, and whiskies be paired with foods in special tastings.

So there’s a lot to look forward to. Enjoy!

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