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genealogy and ancestral tours scotland


Do you have a Scottish background? If so why not come to stand and look at where your ancestors once lived?

Ancestral tourism does not focus on kings and queens, but rather is the story of ordinary people; where they lived, what they did and, in the case of the emigrants, why they left Scotland.

People researching their ancestors can come to Scotland with locations; addresses even. On their own they can find where their forebears lived. But with a guide the story of the area, the lifestyle of the generations gone before, and sometimes, even the details of the family is brought to life.

The journey becomes more than addresses. It becomes understanding.

If you have very little information about your family it is possible to hire a guide, who can do research before your visit, and from archival material uncover the story of your ancestors. Even with the sketchiest material a whole story can be brought to life.

A holiday in Scotland can combine ancestral tourism with other activities. People may have lived in different areas, which leads naturally to following in their footsteps. As you do so, you enjoy our scenery, but not just as scenery. There is an added layer when you remember these are the mountains and glens your ancestors walked. You can touch the stone their homes were built of.

Working with a guide to build a holiday of ancestral tourism, along with other holiday activities, for example cycling, walking, fishing or shopping is in itself an adventure. As the guides have expert local knowledge they can ensure all the choices and decisions are possible.

Such a visit to Scotland would not only be a holiday, but a journey into your own past.