World Outlander Day 2020

More than 20 members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association celebrated Outlander Day with a series of videos posted online.

Many of them filmed in locations featured in the Starz TV series based on the popular books written by US author Diana Gabaldon.Association member Andrea Middleton edited two group videos featuring various guides.

The first group video opened with guide Mike Turpie playing the theme tune from the TV series on his bagpipes with the backdrop showing where the famous standing stones sequence was filmed.

Guides Anne Reid, Dianne McGuiness, June Edgar, Jean Blair, Noreen Lyon, Susan Brown, Maggie McLeod and Kenneth Bramham at locations in Edinburgh, East Lothian, Ayrshire and Perthshire.

The other group video featured guides reciting some of the noteworthy quotes from the series including Iris Marhencke, Pauline Corrigan, Susan Brown, Seth Ewin, Alan McDonald, Nicky Sanderson, Andrea Middleton, Joe Harrower and Jane Roy (in order of appearance).

Elle and Dan Tyler made a joint video playing the parts of lead characters Jamie and Claire on location at Culloden and Clava Cairns.

Blue Badge Guide Nicky Sanderson made individual video
Blue Badge Guide Kenneth Hanley also made an individual video

STGA Marketing chair Alasdair Northrop said the Outlander Day celebration was one of a series of campaigns designed to promote the association whose members are currently out of work due to the Coronavirus crisis.
Recently a video featuring members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association celebrating World Whisky Day had over 12,000 views around the globe. STGA chair Linda Arthur said the guides were learning new skills making videos to help promote themselves and the association. “We hope the global audience watching these videos will book holidays in Scotland in the months ahead and use our members’ services. “Many of our members have done tours with Outlander fans and will continue to do so,”The STGA has more than 500 members and was founded 61 years ago. As well as having its own booking service, the association trains guides to a high level of competency. Blue Badge guides are qualified to take visitors on tours anywhere in Scotland while Green Badge guides are qualified to guide in regions and Yellow Badge guides at specific locations.