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Scotland`s Coastline Distilleries

Paps of JuraThe coastline of Scotland is twice that of England, measuring 16,500 km of rugged, spectacular scenery and home to 40 out of Scotland`s 125 working single malt distilleries.

The west of Scotland is peppered with a variety of coastal distilleries, each with their own unique and distinctive characteristics; from Bladnoch to Campbeltown and Oban, over the sea to a chain of scenic islands, Arran, Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull and the Western Isles. Scotland’s more gentle east coast boasts distilleries stretching from Fife to Orkney.

These distilleries have a rich tradition and history and have provided employment for generations of the same families. They are fundamental to the economy of their coastline regions and are the lifeblood of their communities.

Glen Scotia whisky barrelsThe location of Scotland’s coastal distilleries are indications of the importance and reliance on the sea and waterways. In the past, journey by land was difficult and often impossible. Scotland’s coastline was quicker, more efficient and even considered safer. The legendary steam puffers provided a vital lifeline to remote communities for all their needs. The puffers expertly navigated the coast supplying distilleries with essential raw materials including the oak casks. The precious cargo of matured whisky was then safely transported by sea to mainland Scotland and onto markets around the world.

Making the journey to visit distilleries around Scotland’s coast, visitors are amply rewarded, not only with spectacular scenery, but also by getting to know the people, their stories and the brands.

Travel to Scotland’s less visited distilleries, perhaps to Islay and Jura, or how about Campbeltown? Enjoy the warm hospitality the unique locations and traditions, and, naturally, some of the finest malts in the world!

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