G:2014 : Glasgow Guides already on the starting blocks! Part 2 of 2

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Fast forward to today and the STGA Glasgow branch has its sights set on playing an important role in the story of the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the sporting history of the city. The story of Glasgow’s fascinating Empire and Commonwealth past plays an important role in the G:2014 tours. Starting with the 17th Century tobacco lords in the heart of Glasgow we see George Square which is dominated by the City Chambers, open by Queen Victoria in 1888. Glasgow was then known as the second city of the British Empire, largely due to the endeavors of the wealthy merchants.

We wonder if Glasgow STGA thought, back in 2009, that their International Tourist Guiding Day would have links to the Commonwealth Games as it returns to Scotland for the third time – and a first for Glasgow. The city traders of the 17th Century helped to build the early British Empire which later became known as the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Games, the ‘friendly games’, is well situated in the ‘smiling’ city of Glasgow where the people love sport and welcoming visitors. The future for Tourism in Glasgow is bright and the students of City of Glasgow College agree!

The organisers of the event would like to thank all the Blue Badge guides involved, the staff of City of Glasgow College and Southern Coaches for the freely given time and service which made the day so very enjoyable.