Blue Badge Guide Inducted as Member of the Keepers of the Quaich

In the official ceremony and banquet held at Blair Castle last Monday, Blue Badge Guide Ronnie Berri was
inducted as member of the “Keepers of the Quaich” – an exclusive, international community of people recognised for their outstanding commitment and contribution to Scotch Whisky.

The Society was founded to represent the Scotch Whisky industry worldwide, it promotes the goodwill of the industry and honours those who have made a significant contribution to it. Keepers of the Quaich have served the industry well for a minimum of five years and being made a member of the Society is considered a position of great honour.

There are now 2372 Keepers of the Quaich and 167 Masters of the Quaich worldwide, members come from 86 countries. The Society takes its name from the two handled drinking bowl which is described in the ancient Gaelic language of Scotiand as a ‘cuach’ or quaich, a vessel long associated with the drinking of Scotch Whisky.

Well done Ronnie!