Yellow Badge Guide Course

stga yellow badge course

The Yellow Badge Course will be of interest to tourism companies or organisations in Scotland, which employ or use the services of their own guides. These guides may be volunteers, seasonal staff or employed.

All our guides are covered by insurance for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity through the Scottish Tourist Guides Association membership.

Yellow Badge Guides are usually employed by a tourism company or organisation.

Benefits of Yellow Badge Site Affiliation

  • Membership of the STGA, benefiting from its backing and support. STGA promotes the services of professional tourist guides in Scotland protecting their rights, stressing quality in guiding, maintaining high standards and enabling the Continuous Professional Development of existing members.
  • The right to wear the yellow STGA Site Affiliate badge when guiding on the site/route of qualification.
  • Being accredited by the STGA also means you get SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework), thus enabling progress in professional development to higher SCQF levels. Site Affiliates or Yellow Badge Guides are accredited at SCQF level 5.

Our training programmes follow the guidelines of the BS/EN 15565, the British Standard and European norm for the training of tourist guides.

Being covered by STGA Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance within the site/route of qualification.

Examples of current or previous organisations/companies with STGA site affilates:

Outline of Yellow Badge Accreditation in Three Stages

Stage One: Accreditation of the Tourist Guide Training Programme

  • Obtain the current STGA Criteria for Site Affiliation
  • STGA will look at your current training provision for site guides and will identify any gaps towards STGA Accreditation.
  • STGA can advise you on how to develop a Tourist Guide Training Programme, which meets the criteria for Site Affiliation.
  • Submit a proposal for Tourist Guide Training to the STGA Training Manager for accreditation. Accreditation is for two years and involves a fee.
  • The 2-day training programme will open with a communication seminar called Guiding is Fun.
  • The Yellow Badge training course can run for the duration of 12 – 16 weeks.

Stage Two: Training Delivery

  • Training is carried out by STGA training team. They can assist you in developing and delivering your guide training.
  • Practical training will be delivered by professional Guide Trainers on site. The knowledge training will be delivered by experts in the respective field/s.

Stage Three: Present your guides for the STGA membership assessment

  • At the end of the training STGA Assessors will carry out a practical assessment on site. A fee will be charged.
  • Once successful completion of the course and assessment, those who pass will be invited to become STGA yellow badge site affiliate members.

Get in Touch

For all Yellow Badge Course enquiries, please contact our Training Manager