North East Scotland: History, Landscape, Culture and Economy

Scottish Tourist Guides Association Green Badge course

Thank you for participating in the above online course.

With the lowering of Covid restrictions, the STGA is now in a position to progress with the Guide Training Programme for the North East Green Badge.

Guide training is delivered face to face within the group and demands that the group work in proximity with one another. What is required could not be achieved by other methods.

Included in this training are a few sessions that will be conducted by Zoom webinars.

The STGA will continue to accept application forms and will keep in touch with further information when available.

If you have any questions, please contact STGA Training Manager Patricia Blain

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The Scottish Tourist Guides Association in partnership with the University of Aberdeen will continue with the guide training programme for the North East of Scotland.

The guide training programme is run in two integrated parts.

1. The Online Course

North-East Scotland

History, Landscape, Culture and Economy is a fully online course which is delivered by the University of Aberdeen.

Subjects will include:

  • the history of Aberdeen, the Shire and beyond
  • landscape and geology of the area
  • fishing Industry and the rise of tourism
  • how north east Scotland’s identity has been informed by its Doric language, literature and music.
  • the area’s remarkable contribution to the success of Scotland’s food and drink industry.
  • and so much more!

Study Online

This online course will include presentations, written materials and access to further resources. Quizzes will be used to assess understanding.

Studying this online course through the University will give you all the practical advantages of fitting your learning around your location, work and personal commitments.

The online course has no start date replace with “runs continuously – students can start at any time” and is available to potential students upon registration with the University of Aberdeen.

Business Module

In addition to the online course, North-East Scotland: History, Landscape, Culture and Economy, an optional online Business Module is available, which will deliver content on how to set up a business, keep accounts, pay income tax and procedures relating to HM Revenue and Customs.

Tourist Guides are mostly self-employed. This module is suitable for those who have never been required to keep accounts and deal with HMRC.

2. Tourist Guide Training

Professional and Practical Skills Training

The Guide Training will include familiarisation / study trips to areas and sites within the region.

Core Knowledge: the online course, North East Scotland: History, Landscape, Culture and Economy delivered by the University of Aberdeen, will provide the foundation knowledge of the area, and will equip students with the skills to undertake independent research and further develop their own knowledge of the North East.

Regional Studies, Professional and Practical Skills

Regional studies will see the group travelling within the operational area to travel the roads and visit some of the visitor attractions. Research skills will be used to study routes and form the narrative presented by the tourist guide. Students will be taught group management and skills to guide a group on a moving vehicle and a walking tour and on a site.

The student will be required to devote time in research to amass the information that will be shared with future tourists.

Current STGA members that hold a regional qualification for another area will be required to join the online course, North East Scotland: History, Landscape, Culture and Economy and undertake the Tourist Guide Training Programme – Regional Studies, Professional and Practical Skills. As with other courses of regional study the course content is specific to the regional area of study.


Online Course
The Online Course provided by the University of Aberdeen will cost £555.

Business Module
The fee for the Business Module, payable to the University of Aberdeen.

First Aid
The cost of the first aid course is borne by the student. There are several different types first aid courses available, and the student should select which is the most appropriate for the type of guiding work the student will pursue. STGA will advise. A Certificate of Completion for a first aid course should be submitted to STGA before the final STGA Accreditation Examination.

Tourist Guide Training
Regional Studies, Professional and Practical Skills Training will be provided by STGA Trainers. Fees to be advised.

Membership Exam Fee
There is an additional charge for the STGA membership exam. The cost of this exam fee is £200.00.

STGA and Languages (other than English)
Tourist Guides with languages form a large part of the STGA membership and are much in demand.

Students who are competent in a language other than English and who wish to be registered as a language speaking guide will be required to sit the STGA Language Assessment. Students can present up to two languages for assessment at this stage.

The language exam must be passed regardless of the student’s mother tongue.
The Language Assessment is not part of the STGA Accreditation Examination process and will incur an additional fee.

Operational Area

The combined online course, regional studies and professional skills are designed to equip the future guide to escort visitors within the operational area.

The operational area includes, Aberdeen City and Shire, Moray, Dundee, Fife and St. Andrews.

STGA Membership

Once the full course has been successfully completed, the new guide will become a member of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association. The membership level for a Green Badge guide is known as a Regional Affiliate.

  • The current annual membership fee is £110.00 per annum.
  • The membership fee includes the guides insurance cover for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • The member will be given their own member’s page on the STGA website.

Further Information