Are you a great communicator? Passionate about Scotland? Love travelling? Thirsty to learn more?

If the answer is yes, then becoming a Tourist Guide could be the career for you. But first you’ll require the right training and qualifications in order to become a member of The Scottish Tourist Guides Association.

We run three types of guide training course:


STGA Blue Badge John DuncanBlue Badge

  18-month course
  Trains and qualifies guides to guide anywhere in Scotland
  Classes held in Glasgow


stga-green-badge-1Green Badge

  Trains and qualifies guides to guide in specific regions in Scotland
  Regions include Orkney, Shetland, and Northern Highlands
  Courses run regularly – check for further information


stga-yellow-badge-1Yellow Badge

  Trains and qualifies guides to guide in on specific routes or venues
  Custom training available for your venue, route, or business