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All members of the Scottish Tourist Guides Association strive to maintain and further their guiding skills and knowledge on all aspects of Scotland.

In doing this our members take up the latest events offered by the STGA, universities, colleges and other accredited institutions in the form of structured and themed courses and conferences, led by recognised specialists in their fields. Our members are involved in lectures, tutorials and field studies relevant to leading groups, small and large in Scotland, in addition to undertaking self-directed study from books, journals, television and radio.

To facilitate the learning process, to provide recognition of our members’ efforts, to promote collaboration within our membership and to support our industry partners in assuring quality, the STGA has introduced a voluntary Continuing Professional Development [CPD] Scheme. Participating members select CPD activities which are relevant to their individual businesses and specialisms. These range widely from practical courses in First Aid and voice training to knowledge-based studies on all aspects of Scottish life and culture.

STGA CPD Purple ThistleThose members who have the new accreditation symbol (thistle enclosed in a laurel wreath) on their profile on our website maintain a log of their CPD activities which is submitted annually to the STGA office for spot-checking.

A minimum of 40 hours per annum is required under the Scheme for Blue Badge members, of which at least 20 hours must be verifiable, backed by certificates of attendance by the learning providers or other independent evidence. The requirement for Green Badge members is 50% of the Blue Badge requirement.