Politics & Government in Scotland

Scotland had always been a separate nation with its own culture, its own royal family and its own parliament. In 1603 King James VI of Scotland moved to London on inheriting the English throne on the death of Queen Elizabeth I as he was her nearest male relative.

Scottish Food & Drink

[huge_it_gallery id=”5″] Food & drink are changing in Scotland-for the better! When people experience Scottish Food and Drink nowadays they experience a dimension that draws on Scotland’s longstanding culinary traditions. Nowadays, visitors come here not solely for our whisky but … Continued


  In a world where souvenirs have become more and more the same wherever you go, what can you buy to take home as a Scottish souvenir?  Perhaps a Scottish Tourist Guide can point you in the right direction….. Tartan, … Continued


Did you know, that over 22 million casks and barrels of whisky are maturing at any one time throughout Scotland? Each and every one of them lose up to 2% each year due to evaporation – the Scots people call this the Angels’ Share. No doubt this contributes towards the relaxed atmosphere throughout our beautiful country.