Quilting, Embroidery, & Tapestry Work

Scotland can offer much in this line of interest to visitors. Indeed, were you aware that Scotland holds a Quilt Championships each year and as well as a wonderful display of the country’s talent, this is an opportunity to source unique materials and craft items which add a personal touch to your work as well as saving time in sourcing these items yourself.


Scotland has had a long held tradition with hand knitting, wool production, traditional knitting patterns as well as wool mills and production of machine framed knitwear.

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dances are one of a number of evolutions of Scottish reels. They have been danced in Scotland since the early years of the eighteenth century. Many commemorate local events or characters, or historical events, and this tradition continues today, with new dances always being devised.


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Scottish Music

Music in Scotland comes in at least three categories: classical, traditional and popular.


In a country rich in traditions and heritage it’s not surprising that Scotland has an extensive range of antiques from fine porcelain and china to weapons and furniture. Widely available through independent shops, auction houses and antique centres there’s a style and budget for all manner of collectors.

The Burrell Collection

Sir William Burrell decided to give his personal art collection to the people of Glasgow in 1944. Learn more about the world-famous art collector.

Art, Paintings & Sculpture

Scotland has a wealth of treasures to offer the visual art lover, from world class art galleries to tiny villages associated with Scottish art movements.