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STGA Guidelines for Safer Walking Tours

(Updated 9 August 2021)

At all times these guidelines are subject to the prevailing Government guidance and rules.

From the 9th August 2021:

  • The whole of Scotland will be beyond level 0
  • There are no limits on the number of people who can meet up indoors or outdoors
  • There is no requirement for social distancing
  • Face-coverings remain mandatory indoors in public places and on public transport
  • Test & Protect will continue to contact-trace positive cases. To assist with this there will be a continued requirement for indoor hospitality and similar venues to collect the contact details of customers. Guides no longer need to gather contact details from tour participants.
  • travel restrictions may be used, as and when necessary, to restrict the spread of outbreaks and protect against the risk of importation of new variants.


Please bear in mind that the coronavirus is still around and it is highly transmissible.

While many of the restrictions that have been in place in recent months have been removed, you still need to do all you can to conduct your tours in as safe a way as possible:

  1. Remember that some people may prefer to have space around them. keep your groups to a size that allows for this.
  2. As appropriate, and as required when going inside a public venue, wear a face-covering and advise your guests to do so.
  3. Avoid exchanging or passing round objects e.g. paper tickets, clipboards and pens, maps, photographs, mobile phones
  4. If possible, use a wireless tour guide system (mobile-phones or cleaned between tours)
  5. Plan routes to avoid crowded places, narrow streets and busy periods
  6. Walk in single-file to allow others to pass safely
  7. Stop only where it is possible for others to pass safely
  8. Have disinfectant hand-gel or wipes available