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STGA Guidelines for Safer Walking Tours

(Updated 17 September 2020)


These guidelines are in addition to our Good-to-Go protocol and at all times are subject to the prevailing Government guidelines. 


  • arrange pre-booking where possible
  • restrict the number of guests to a maximum of 8
  • take contact details for each household and retain them for the specified period*
  • wear a visor (and/or a face mask), especially when facing the group
  • do not exchange or pass round objects e.g. paper tickets, clipboards and pens, maps, photographs, mobile phones
  • where appropriate, use a wireless tour guide system (mobile-phone based or cleaned between tours)
  • inform guests (in advance where possible) they will have to wear a face covering
  • maintain 2-metre social distancing between different households at all times, including when stopped at a site
  • plan routes to avoid crowded places, narrow streets and busy periods
  • walk in single-file to allow others to pass safely
  • stop only where it is possible for others to pass safely
  • have disinfectant hand-gel or wipes available

*Under data protection legislation you must explain that this is to facilitate contact tracing, that you only need a phone number (or postal or email address if no phone number) and that the data will not be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed securely after 21 days.  Unless you are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, you should not collect and store contact details electronically.