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Please note that the contact form below is currently experiencing temporary technical difficulties and may not send your enquiry. For general enquiries, please email Miikka Kinnaird on, or phone 01786 44 77 84.



If you have an enquiry about booking a guide, or the cost or availability, please use our Booking Service or contact our Bookings Secretary on 01786 451 953.

Guiding fees - 2015 approximate rates: 
English Half Day:      £120 - £145
English Full Day:       £165  - £200
Language Half Day:   £140 - £165
Language Full Day:    £225 -  £275
The following Booking Fees apply to bookings made through the Booking Service:
£12 per guide per half-day tour 
£18 per guide per full-day tour
£25 per guide per extended tour (anything over 1 day)
Booking fees are non-refundable



Blue and Green Badge Courses

For all enquires on Blue Badge Training Course please contact the STGA Training Manager Patricia Blain:

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